Hello everybody – hope you are having a good summer! 

Ok, so it’s the end of July and you say, why are you thinking about Christmas?? There is still lots of summer left.   Well, we thought we would do something different, so why not a Christmas in July Event!!  Besides, it’s been so darn hot – thinking of Christmas for a few minutes might not be so bad!  And, we have been busy placing orders for the Christmas Season, so it’s been on our brain.

So this weekend, Friday and Saturday,  we are going to run some special sales on merchandise that might just make a nice gift and we have a picture framing sale going on too.  We will also have some delicious Punch (nice and cold) and Christmas Cookies.  Just a little treat for stopping in.  So if you are out and about or in need of something “Cool” come to the Gallery on Friday or Saturday and see what’s happening.

Hope to see you,    Joan