Happy Spring Everyone!

 Well, we had an unusually easy winter, but isn’t it still nice to see spring come ?  I always like spring because the colors get lighter, we see the sun more often and it’s a time of growth and renewal – everything seems so fresh and new!

So I was thinking about my yard (which I haven’t done much with yet) and I got in the mood for some flowers, so I framed up a few floral prints. One is soft calla lilies and the other is gerbera daisies.  Who wouldn’t like to look at that everyday?  They are very horizontal and would be good in lots of spaces.  We also framed two very colorful and funky vases.  First I beaded them a little then we framed them.  Really fun.  I get lots of ideas this time of year and want to do all kinds of things…

We are starting to get some of the art in from the show we went to in February also.  Today we got Four Seasons Jewelry and I think Missy put a picture of it on our facebook page.  It’s beautiful bronze jewelry with a wonderful patina on it.  Pussy Willow, Blueberries, Pea Pods and Leaves. The artist is an Ohio boy as well – that makes it even better!!!  We also got some Bobbin jewelry in and I know what you are thinking – what can you do with a sewing Bobbin and why would you do that – but they are really cool.  The artist put glass in the Bobbins and if you have ever sewn, like I have all my life, you’ll like that.  We have lots of other great things starting to arrive from our trip as well – pottery, photography, glass etc.

Lots of renewal and change here for the new season upon us.  If you haven’t been in lately, you may want to stop and check it out.   Hope to see you soon!  

Take care,  Joan  


Hello Everyone !


I have been waiting to write because we have been busy here at the Gallery moving some things around.  We are starting off the new year with some news. – We have moved lots of furniture around and moved our framing wall to make room for Merle Norman cosmetics.  My friend, Constance Long who owns the Merle Norman next to me in the plaza has moved into the side space of my Gallery. Constance has owned her Merle Norman salon for several years.


We are happy to have her joining us.  Our stores will remain open to each other.  We have added a door for her in her new space also.  If any of you aren’t familiar with Constance or Merle Norman, I encourage you to stop in to meet her.  Merle Norman is an American Made cosmetic company that has been in business for 81 years. Not only do they offer a quality cosmetic line, but Constance is incredibly knowledgeable and can help anyone look great!


Along with moving things around to make room, we have stirred some things up!!  We have some new coffees and teas for you to enjoy when you are here.  We have gotten some new art in from Danielson Designs in Colorado and if you didn’t see it at Christmas, we have added Rebecca Mackey’s glass and Donna Fuchs jewelry.  New Lasser Ceramics just arrived too!  I also went shopping this month and have lots of great new art on its way.  Some of you may remember seeing LaContessa jewelry here years ago and they have a wonderful new line for spring.  I also have a new line called Four Seasons on its way.  Both should be here by mid April, just in time for spring.  We also have Yard Birds, Treska, Xovivo, and others headed our way.  I am excited about the new art and the new “feel” of the shop. 


So, when you get a chance, pop in, have a cup of coffee or tea and check it out!




Well, we are officially into December.  Thanksgiving is over and the rush is on!  I have many things to be thankful for this year and am happily jumping into the Christmas Season.


We have lots of great art in the Gallery just in time for the Christmas season.  Some of my favorites are the work of some of our local artists.  Bob Yost just brought in some new pieces of his pottery and his new glazes are spectacular!  Linda Parthemer has been whipping up hand puppets  as fast as she can sew them and Sari has stocked us with her wonderful ceramics for the season.  She even made us some plates for our Wind and Willow cheese balls so we could make up some quick pick up gifts.  And of course we have some of our favorites from last year.  We have a great selection of Dawn Smoley’s special order personalized sterling necklaces, Kathleen Houston’s “new” vintage jewelry, Lisa Kane glass,  and Kristina Malcolm’s sterling jewelry . These are just a few of our local artists. 


We did go out of state to find some other new art as well.   New to us this fall is Robin Beckett Pottery , Raku Art’s wonderful vases, Maruca Handbags, and Words and Weavings wall art.  It’s always exciting to bring new artists into the Gallery, I hope you get to take a look at some of these new artists and if you find a piece you love, you can tell your significant other and they can come shop at our Men’s shopping night on December 20th and we will wrap it up for you!!!


Along with making sure we are fully stocked with handcrafted art, we have been busy framing special pieces for gifts this season . Our last day to take framing orders in is December 14th.   Framing a favorite item for someone makes a great gift!


We will be here to help you make your holiday gift season easy and fun right up till December 24th at 1:00pm.  So come on in and have a cup of Christmas Coffee or a cup of Hot Chocolate and let us make your shopping easy!


This year could be the year to start a new holiday tradition too.  Shopping locally saves gas, time and frustration.  And if you spend $100 at an independently owned store in your community, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll etc., at a chain store $43 stays here and if you shop on line $0 stays here.  So check out your local shops this season, you may be surprised how much they have to offer.


And don’t forget to take a few minutes here and there in the midst of the hustle and bustle to be aware of the magic of the season and your true blessings .   A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from myself and the entire Gallery staff!  


I was in the car the other day as it was drizzling and I drove by a crimson tinged bush in someone’s yard and it made me smile.  You know how sometimes the rain makes the colors more vibrant? I absolutely love this time of the year.  I almost can’t get enough of the colors that are around me.  So, when I came in to work I told Missy and Pam that we needed to change up the displays and incorporate the colors and textures that are “fall” in Ohio.

It’s always fun here at the Gallery because we always have color and texture around us, but it somehow seems richer in the fall.  Who doesn’t love putting a richly colored, soft and warm scarf around their neck, or setting a display of gourds and pumpkins on their table?  We recently got some glass pumpkins in and we got purple and blue and olive green pumpkins too.  And there is a company in Pennsylvania that grows some gorgeous gourds and this season’s crop is the best yet!

So I have been planning the fall season here at the Gallery based on textures and of course rich fall colors.  We framed up lots of new artwork (the girls say I have a thing for trees) and got some great new raku mirrors for the walls.  I also found an artist who does wonderful photography, prints them small and frames them.  They are little 5 x 12 prints and the images are great.  Come to think of it most of them have a tree in them, so maybe I do have a thing for trees!  October is also National Picture Framing Month – a great time to stop in and get that favorite piece framed because from the 8th to the 22nd we are offering 10% off our custom framing!

American Craft Week is also in October, from the 7th to the 16th.  I am constantly inspired by the creativity of the American Craft Artist.  95% of what we offer is American made-everything from a purple silk scarf from One Wing Studio, to a nubby copper colored raku platter from The Clay Cellar.  And we have lots of great new art arriving in October and November in time for the holidays.  So if you are out and about or just need to see and feel some great fall textures, stop in. We’ll have a pot of “Just Fabulous” coffee on and you can wander through the AWESOME season of FALL  –  here at Gallery 143.





Hello everyone! Last week I was watching the home run derby for baseball and they were talking about it being the half-way point in the baseball season. Already? I can’t believe we are already past the 4th of July and it’s mid-summer! Mid-summer is the time of year that I am planning for the fall season and the
holidays. Can you believe that?

I was at several picnics in the last couple weeks and everything seemed to be red, white and blue. I think the whole month of July is just a patriotic time. I like to think of it as a celebration of us Americans. I can think of lots of words to describe “us” but instead, I think you can see some of it if you stop in the Gallery. I thought this would be a good time to celebrate what makes us unique. At the Gallery, 95% of our product is American made. We have a few Canadian artists and a few Fair trade items. So, each week during July, on Thursday, Friday and Sat. we have had a sale on artwork from a particular region. Last week we celebrated Mid West artists. This week we are celebrating West Coast Artists. And the final week, Ohio artists. The sale is 20%, so it’s a good time to take home that special artist’s work you like. I have also put all wall art on sale and we have a Custom Framing sale going on all month. If you select a 1″ wide frame you get 10% off, a 2” wide frame 15% and a 3” or wider 20% off. I know it’s sometimes scary to put a bigger frame on because you think it will overwhelm the piece or just get too expensive, but sometimes it just totally changes the work and just “WOWS” it! We have put wide frames on very little pieces and they turn out GREAT! We can help you figure all that out. Our goal here is to help you frame whatever you bring in so it looks exactly like you envisioned it would. And you may not realize it, but all the girls that work here with me, Amanda, Pam and Missy, have art backgrounds and they are great with color and design. So, if you have something you need framed, come on in – we’ll figure it out and you’ll leave with a Masterpiece!

Ok, so I have gone on long enough…. summer could be over by the time I am done with this. I am going to go back to my planning. If you think of something you would like to see here or something we have carried in the past and you haven’t seen for a while – drop me an email. I am working on the line up for the
fall season and would love your input. Oh yea and GO TRIBE!

Hello everybody!

I have decided that in this new world of media, I should get with it and actually find a way to communicate all the good things that are going on at the Gallery in a format that is easily accessible and not as complicated as a newsletter to create, so I have decided to blog! I am not even sure what a blog is or how to do one, so this should be interesting.  And the fact that I can start talking and not stop is a little frightening given the format of this blogging thing.  So here goes nothing…

I am excited about the fact that it has quit raining (for the most part) and I can get out in the garden.  I went to the Quailcrest Gardens art show this past weekend in Wooster and saw some wonderful creations.  Not only is it a nice garden center, but they had some great artists there. One of them is an artist that we carry here at the Gallery – Kristina Malcolm.  Kristina is a Metalsmith and she creates fine art jewelry.  I have several pieces myself and am happy to have her work here at the store.  Unique necklaces, rings and earrings, all inspired by nature.

I seems to me that a garden is a unique expression of the individual tending to it.  Mine seems to change from year to year and I enjoy watching it change and grow. If you are looking to ad something unusual to yours, stop in, we have lots of cool garden art.   I just now got a call from 3Escargots and they are shipping a jewelry order to me this week.  Wonderful necklaces with flowers and ladybugs in bright dichroic glass.  Perfect for summer. I can’t wait until it arrives!

We are also celebrating that we are 95% American Made here at the Gallery in July. We will  be running a picture framing sale and a handcraft sale.  Information on our “Star Spangled Savings” in July will be out shortly.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon with more about what’s going on in July.  And if you ever want to reach me with a question or concern, please email me at gallery143@neo.rr.com or feel free to stop by the Gallery!