I’ve been busy in my gardens, weeding, planting, etc. and enjoying just being outside.  I can’t help but think about how artists are inspired by nature.  I am seeing so many shades of green as well as all the other gorgeous colors nature has to offer.  Subtle shades of color enhanced by dappled sunlight and even shade.  I know it inspires me with my fiber work. I love flowers and use a lot of them in my collages.  There is a lot of natural texture in the garden too.  The feel of the soft petal of an opening flower, the roughness of the leaves or  stem.

Artists have always been inspired by nature.  Maybe it’s the texture of the clay in a handmade ceramic mug or the shape of a flower or leaf in an earring.  The handmade nature of artists work is similar to the growth in a garden too.  The artist begins with basic materials and grows the work until it it has bloomed in front of their eyes and taken on new life.

Embrace nature this summer, in your garden, a park, or in the colors and textures of an artists work that you find at an art show or quaint shoppe on vacation.