Our newest piece

Our newest piece

Inspirations…..That’s what I am calling this blog. I got inspired in late summer of last year to combine my love of art with my love of antiques and furniture refinishing. I have been doing that for years and finally decided that I not only needed to display on lots of different kinds of furniture, but that I needed to add another dimension to it and start doing it myself again.   So, I started looking around and even found some new techniques to get the looks I wanted.   We introduced a few pieces in October and it was very well received! So, step two of the inspiration…I decided to take back the side gallery space that I had rented out a few years ago so that we had some space to not only do the work, but to display it as well.   And so, we are very excited to announce the opening of the Side Gallery!

We have created a space that now, not only houses the studio of a favorite artist of ours, Linda Parthemer (she does felted puppets, pillows, etc.) but also an area to work on furniture and an extended display space.

I am so happy with the furniture painting in this reclaimed area of the Gallery. It is such a good fit for ME. I sometimes ponder why I didn’t do it years ago, but just have to be happy that I finally got inspired to actually DO IT! I guess that’s just the way some things go. Perhaps the timing was just right now.

So, if you haven’t been in in a while, stop in and check out our new space. We are excited, not only to have our space back and what we have done with it, but also with all the new artist’s work we have brought in this spring. I have to say I have a wonderful group of artists that work with me and the creativity around here is just nuts….Truly Inspiring!!!